Church History

The Methodist Church began in Lake Mills in 1841. In 1868, it was known as the Methodist Episcopal Church. The Evangelical Church began in 1880. The German Language was used entirely in the Evangelical Church until 1941.

A merger of the Evangelical Church and the United Brethren Church was made in 1941 forming the Evangelical United Brethren Church - EUB.


In 1967, The Methodist Church and EUB Church of Milford united with their sister churches in Lake Mills.


The United Methodist Church of Lake Mills was formed from the EUB Church and the Methodist Church in 1968. Tough decisions and sacrifices had to be made in each church.


Sunday School space was inadequate and in 1971, it was voted to proceed with plans for a new Christian Education Building on this site. The Education wing, kitchen , office and Hearth room o this building were dedicated in 1972. The total cost of the land, building, furnishing and fees exceeded $200,000 dollars.

In 1979, the parsonage where the Pastor lives was completed. The mortgage for the parsonage was burned just prior to beginning plans for the Sanctuary.

Every member of this congregation today, whether old or new, carries memories of their past. Memories live on forever in our hearts.

Sometimes we carry mementos from the past with us. One bell in our bell tower is from the EUB Church, and another bell is from the Methodist Church. The pipe organ if from the Methodist Church. Under guidance of knowledgeable organist from Milwaukee, one by one the pipes of the organ were dismantled, carefully wrapped, and with the organ were transported here to be reassembled. Some of us helped with that task.

The many Pastors who have served our churches over the years have each, in their own way, had a profound influence on where we are today.

We have come a long way. Many new members have joined this church. We are proud to be the United Methodist Church and we continue to grow together as a community. The many prayers, presence, gifts and service by members and friends of the church have made these achievements possible.

                                                                       Compiled by Mac Wolff.

Lake Mills United Methodist Church

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