Kid's Club

Mondays 6:00pm-7:30pm

Join us every Monday night as our children explore who Jesus is and what it means to love and to be loved by Him. We spend our evenings playing games, doing activities, singing and dancing, and taking a deeper look at a God who loves!

Calendar of topics

Suit Up!

September 9th - 30th

It’s time to "Suit Up" with all of God’s armor, so
we'll have the power to stand against the enemy’s
lies and tricks.

Mystery Manor

October 7th - 28th

In this series, kids can pretend to be
detectives as they learn the answers to some
big questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, and

Around the Table

November 4th - 25th

This Kid's series is all about gathering
together and sharing special moments.
The table was designed as a place for
families and friends to come together to
eat and share stories. These moments
'Around The Table' help shape us and our
faith journey. Our kids will explore ways
to strengthen their faith and love for
Jesus so they can create stories of their
own to share.

More Than a Story

December 2nd - 16th

The amazing thing about what happened at the
first Christmas is that it was and is so much more
than a story! It’s true! It’s crazy! It’s the story of
God’s great love for His children and it’s a story
that changes lives! This series, walks kids through
the story of the first Christmas. They'll take a
look at different people involved in the first
Christmas – Mary & Joseph, the Shepherds, the
Wise Men, and King Herod.

The Power Within (The Story of Samson)

January 6th - 27th

Through the life of Samson, we are able to see someone who had a great purpose and calling from God, but got distracted by
temptations. Samson learned the hard way that compromise leads to consequences. Although he was courageous and faith-filled, Samson was also foolish at times and easily caved into the pressures of


February 5th - March 9th

Hear ye, hear ye! Our Heavenly Father is King over
everything, and since we are His children, that
makes us royalty! Kids learn what it means to live as
sons and daughters of the King!

Blast Off

March 16th - April 20th

Throughout this series, kids will learn the different promises of God and how they were true in the Bible, are true today, and will be true in the future! Each week’s lesson and "Need to Know" is based on a promise from Psalms.

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