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My vision for LMUMC youth is to provide an environment in which young people may grow, learn, connect, and strive toward a life of serving God. The best environment to grow in is one rooted deep in love. I want to reflect Christ’s love on our youth and together reflect His love on all of those we encounter. Our youth groups will focus on discovering God and spreading the good news by living out the model set by Christ.


My goal would be for our youth to focus in on the relational side of Christ. By doing so the youth will discover who they are, who God is, and who God wants them to become.



Scope and Sequence: Middle School


Start: What is the significance and importance of where it all started? How does it affect me?


  • How can I honor the God by the way I live?

  • Start putting God first before everything else

  • Is God present in my relationships and people I associate with?

  • How do I feel about the practices required to follow Christ?

  • Am I being who God wants me to be?

  • How does Jesus want me to follow him?

  • What is getting in the way of my full commitment?


Finish: My identity is found in Christ

Calendar of Topics

Not a Fan. Completely. Committed. Follower.

Fan: an enthusiastic admirer. In the
Gospels, Jesus never seemed too
interested in fans. Is this how we want
to define our relationship with Him?
This month we’ll invite Switch
students to join the followers of Christ
who step across the line and say: I am
not a fan.


We’ll talk about spiritual warfare and
how we might experience attacks in our
physical world. We’ll help students
realize that we know the outcome of
this spiritual battle; we know the end of
the story, and God’s side wins! Jesus has
overcome all things in this world, and
we can live free from whatever tries to
hold us down. We’ll answer questions
that students ask about supernatural
world to provide clarity and truth on
the subject matter.

Things Jesus Never Said

We can filter our images, pick the news
we want to hear, and listen only to the
viewpoints that agree with us. When we
do that, we start to distort our view of
the world. The same thing can happen to
our view of God. We reshape our
perception of Him into what we want to
believe, or what we want to think about
others. Jesus came to bring us the truth
about God and His plan for us, and it
doesn’t always sound like what you may

Travel Light

Leave your baggage behind. In a
crowded, busy holiday season, it’s
common for people to feel weighed
down by family relationships, financial
pressure, regret, or failure. This series will
help people see that the weight they feel
comes from things that God never asked
them to carry, and His solution is simple:
Let go of the baggage and travel light.

Face the Giant

Throughout the Bible we see stories of God
meeting needs even when He doesn’t meet
our expectations. We see Jesus calming doubts,
God rewarding faith, and ordinary people
slaying giants when they trust in the Father.
The same can be true today, when we’re
facing giants of doubt, fear, inadequacy,
failure, or any number of other things that just
seem too tall to overcome alone.

IDK...I Don't Know

What happens when you have a question
you can't answer? Do you ignore it? Do
you seek out the answer until you find it?
All of us have questions. Some of your
questions can clearly be answered. Other
questions can never be answered. We
believe that good questions inspire great
learning even if we don't arrive at

Declare War

Are you a fighting a war
within? Sometimes we
get held hostage by a
version of ourselves we
don’t want to be. But in
this four-part series, This
series teaches how to get
out of your own way and declare war on
the things that are
holding you back.
You’ll never be the
same after discovering
the secret weapons
you need to achieve
ongoing victory.

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