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My vision as director of youth ministries for LMUMC youth is to provide an environment in which young people may grow, learn, connect, and strive toward a life of serving God. The best environment to grow in is one rooted deep in love. I want to reflect Christ’s love on our youth and together reflect His love on all of those we encounter. Our youth groups will focus on discovering God and spreading the good news by living out the model set by Christ.


My goal would be for our youth to focus in on the relational side of Christ. By doing so the youth will discover who they are, who God is, and who God wants them to become.



Scope and Sequence: High School


Start: How do you see God, how do you perceive Him in this culture?


  • Claim God as your own (begin search for identity in Christ)

  • What are the trials we face and the defects in our character (Give them to God)

  • Own our redemption and new identity in Christ. Put our trust in God

  • Don’t fear persecution, allow God to use you and become who he wants you to be

  • How do we use or identity in Christ to build the kingdom

  • What is holding us back from being fully committed to God

  • How do we live a life of a constant witness

  • Where are my gifts and how do I use them to glorify God and build the kingdom


Finish: Become Disciples

Calendar of Topics

Others First

This series is created to help students see
others, put others first, and humble
themselves to elevate others. Lead them to
grow so close to God that they can’t help but
see His people as image bearers. Take the
golden rule a step further and teach students
not to just to treat others the way they treat
them, but how Jesus would treat them—even
the way we would treat Jesus Himself. Two
big questions to ask in this series are who
are the people you don’t see? Who do you
need to stand up for?


There’s a lot of myths out there in
culture about the supernatural that lead
to many more questions than answers,
so in this four-part series we’re
unpacking some lies we believe about
the supernatural realm and replacing
them with God’s truth. From learning
about the Holy Spirit to the power we
have over darkness, “The Supernatural”
will ground students in a biblical
understanding of the spiritual realm.


We’ve all been there: distant, drifting,
disconnected from God, moving away
from Him instead of moving toward Him.
We get distracted by so many different
things that fight for our attention. But we
can choose to return to God and get to
know Him better. We have the choice to
either stay disconnected from Him or to
draw closer.

None of the Above

The past Presidential Election has a lot of
people finding themselves being forced to
pick between two less than ideal options. Does
the Bible have anything to say about our
nation’s leaders— even the not so great ones?
This three-week sermon series focuses on the
values of good leadership, what that looks
like, and how you can be a leader where you


Chris Durso is the youth pastor at Youth
Explosion in New York City. At Youth
Explosion, they identify themselves as
misfits. Chris defines a misfit as someone
who is uncomfortable with their
surroundings and someone who is
disturbingly different than others. We
are called to be “Misfits for the
Messiah,” to be different and
uncomfortable with the norms of culture.

Chasing Carrots. The Endless Pursuit of More.

What really makes for a happy life? A
dream job, a bigger house, or a new
relationship? If you’re always hungry for
the next big thing, but frustrated
because it never seems to satisfy, you
might be Chasing Carrots. It’s time to
hop off the treadmill and chase after
something real

The Good Work

Each one of us has a
good work to do. We
may not see it yet, but
it’s often right there in
front of our eyes. For
Nehemiah, it was a
crumbled wall. For you,
it could be an injustice
in the world, or a need
you see what no one else does. During
this series, we will learn
how Nehemiah
responded to his own
calling and learn how we
can change our own
world just by leaning into
the unique calling that
God has put in front of
each of us.

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