About LMUMC “Parking Lot Praise”


You’re invited to join us on Sundays at 9:00a.m. in the LMUMC parking lot as we gather for worship from the safety of our vehicles.  We’ll worship together, watching Pastor Edwin and listening from our car radios(channel 87.9 FM.), drive-in style. To comply with the “Safer at Home” mandate, please follow these guidelines for safety during this time:


  1. Attendees must come in their individual vehicles.  Only people who reside in the same house should ride together.  Please do not pick up anyone who doesn’t live with you.

  2. Vehicles may park next to each other.  However, in order to provide the best radio transmission we need to maintain a theater-type parking arrangement as best we can.  Therefore, we ask that all trucks and vans park on the outer perimeter of the lot with the tallest vehicles furthest back, shorter vehicles closer to the podium.  Cars will park in the center aisle and in the spaces available closer to the podium.

  3. In order to maintain the best recommended social distance practice we also ask that everyone remain in their vehicles for the duration of the service.  If you need to open a window we ask that you only open the driver’s side windows.  This will allow our passenger windows to serve as a barrier between vehicles while maintaining the recommended distance.

  4. On the first Sunday of every month we will observe Holy Communion.  If you wish to participate, please bring your own bread and juice.  We will bless and partake the Holy Communion elements together.

  5. As we leave, there will be a drop tub for offerings if you choose to bring your giving in person.  Otherwise, please use online giving options.

  6. Please keep in mind that the church will be locked and that restrooms will be unavailable at our facility to comply with regulations.  Plan ahead!


We can’t wait to worship together and see your face!  These times remind us that we are the church and the light of Christ in the world. 


The LMUMC Worship Team