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Announcement Guidelines

OFFICE GOAL: One of the goals of the office is to help the ministries, groups, and individuals at the Lake Mills United Methodist Church succeed. We can promote your activities and get your information to the people that need to hear about it.

DEADLINES: Please send all materials and information to the church office a minimum of five weeks prior to an event. That will provide the time needed to get your announcements well-publicized and sent out through all of our channels. If you have specific wording, imagery, or details you want to be used, please make a note of it to our office.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: If you have suggestions about how to better publish materials, please share your thoughts with the office. All ideas will be considered in order to better serve both event leaders and attendees. If you find that a change should be made to promotional materials, please do not hesitate to let the office know. Our office encourages a positive feedback loop.

BULLETIN BOARDS: Please do not pin materials to the Church News bulletin board in the Narthex. The office would like that space to be presented with a consistently clean look so that information is easy to identify. If you would like something added or have a suggestion, please let our office know. A Community Board is provided for general postings for community-related materials.

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