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Finance Team, Review of 2021

We accomplished a lot in 2021. Our church added new carpet in the sanctuary, narthex, and hearth room thanks to a one-time draw from the Lawrence Fund. Lighting improvements and a hearth room refresh were made thanks to contributions made to our Capital Expenditures Fund. A new sound system, a couch for the hearth room, new office chairs, and a computer were made thanks to our Memorial Fund.

All of our bills AND our 2021 apportionments ($36,612) are paid “in full”. We used funds given to Shared Giving, our annual Lawrence fund earnings, and a small balance from our General Fund.

Above all that, we also sent UMCOR $6,000, Coin offering missions $360, UMCOR US Disasters (Christmas Offering) $1,000, Camping Scholarships (Easter offering) $900, and more! Thank you all!

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