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Lenten Bible Study

2022 Lenten Adult Bible Study: Pray Without Ceasing

Join us for our 2022 Lenten Bible study: “Pray Without Ceasing.”

Classes begin Sunday, March 6 at 8:45 a.m. This will be an in-person class. We are also currently working to include virtual participants. More info on this option coming soon.

The purpose of this study is to help students deepen their prayer life, to learn about prayer as a means of faith formation, personal transformation, discernment, intercession, healing, and as a means of continuous communion with God and the Church. In this class we will experiment with different ways of prayer and have opportunities to pray for one another.

The only materials needed for the class are a Bible (electronic or paper) and a notebook. If you do not have a Bible we can provide one for you. Because this class is about prayer, you will be asked to offer a prayer of your choice. You can offer an extemporaneous prayer, a written prayer, a prayer from the scriptures, or from a book of worship (UM Hymnal, Book of Common Prayer, etc).

Class Order

Class 1: Prayer: Communication and Communion with God

Class 2: Relationship Through Prayer

Class 3: The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer

Class 4: Listening to Christ in Prayer

Class 5: Praying for Healing

Class 6: Praying Without Ceasing

You can sign-up for this class by calling or emailing Pastor Edwin: or

(920) 648-2614 ext. 2.


Pastor Edwin

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