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Mask Policy Update

Friday, March 18, 2022

RE: New LMUMC Mask Policy

Beloved in Christ,

In light of the new CDC mask recommendations, effective immediately, the LMUMC Administrative Council has approved to employ a “Mask Recommended” policy toward mask use for worship and all LMUMC activities. What this mean is that masks will not be required to attend our activities. However, bearing in mind that we are still fully navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask is safer than no mask. This is especially true for those who have high-risk health conditions.

LMUMC also maintain the follow safety precautions:

✦ Members and guests will stay home if they are ill or if they have knowingly been exposed. Please get tested to ensure everyone’s safety.

✦ We will observe a “low contact” environment:

✧ We recommend that attendees observe the 6-foot physical distancing guidelines

✧ We will continue holding off on Fellowship Time

✧ As participants enter or exit the sanctuary, offerings will be received at our self-drop receptacles.

✦ Automatic hand sanitizer stations will remain at high-contact areas throughout the entry, sanctuary, by bathrooms, kitchen, and fellowship areas.

✦ Masks will also be made available to all

We will monitor local, county and state CDC guidelines along with guidelines from the Wisconsin conference of the UMC.


Pastor Edwin

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