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Meet Our New Pastor: Rev. Seongmin Kim

Monday, April 11, 2022

Meet Our New Pastor: Rev. Seongmin Kim

We have a new pastor beginning July 1st and her name is Seongmin Kim. She was born and grew up in Chun-cheon city in the Republic of Korea. She is currently serving as the Associate Pastor at Cargill United Methodist Church in Janesville.

Seongmin has served as a preacher, worship leader, musician, teacher, and singer in the children, youth, and music ministry fields since her teenage years. She is the daughter of a pastor and her husband Tommy is also a pastor. He is serving at the Edgerton UMC and will continue to commute to that location from Lake Mills. Seongmin and Tommy have a daughter Esther, who is a senior at Janesville Craig High School and plans to attend UW Madison.

Watch for additional information about her arrival in Lake Mills and we will be arranging opportunities for everyone to meet her. She is looking forward to connecting with our congregation.

Blessings to all,


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