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Order: Poinsettias for the Christmas Eve Service

Decorate our sanctuary for our Christmas Eve service. These can be a gift, "in memory of", or "in honor of" another individual or family. Poinsettias will be available for pickup following the service on Christmas Eve or after the worship service on Sunday, Dec 26.

  • Colors available are (Red) (White) and (Pink).

  • Pricing is: 6” (Single plant) - $11.00

  • 6.5” (Large single plant) - - $13.00

  • 7” (Double plant) - $20.50

Orders must be received by Sunday, December 19th. Due to the ongoing supply chain issues due to COVID, sooner is better!

Contact Sandy Whisler ASAP to insure the availability of your choice. Please let her know how you wish to designate the plants.

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