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The Sewing Machine Shop

At Midwest Mission Distribution Center (a ministry of the United Methodist Church located in central Illinois), the Sewing Machine shop repairs over 300 electric and treadle sewing machines a year that are sent internationally to provide a means of support for families. All machines are repaired using parts from other machines in order to save our environment. The shop cannot take electronic, computerized sewing machines, sergers, sewing machine parts, or empty cabinets.

If you are ready to part with a sewing machine that is just collecting dust, (even if it no longer works), please contact Steve and Jane Follmer Zekoff. They will pick up your machine and see that it is delivered to the Midwest Mission collection truck at the June Annual Conference session being held in Green Bay. Your machine will be given a new life and will travel to somewhere new in this big world to be used by families and small businesses.

Midwest Mission Distribution Center

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