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Music Director

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Music Director is responsible for facilitating an atmosphere in which God is worshipped and praised, and to provide direction, oversight, and coordination of the musical elements of our worship services in partnership with the Organist.


Main duties include:

  • Scheduling and leading weekly rehearsals with the choir and directing their performance at the 10 a.m. service three Sundays each month, September through May. Other choirs and ensembles may be formed by the Music Director in consultation with the Pastor and Worship Committee.

  • Planning accompaniment as needed to support the Organist for worship services, which may include piano, other instruments, or prerecorded sound tracks (reserved for rare or special occasions).

  • Planning special musical activities during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

  • Coordinating the selection and purchase of all music (with feedback from the Organist), including budget recommendations for the coming year.

  • Coordinating and rehearsing with the volunteer sound system technicians as needed. The sound technicians are responsible for operating, maintaining and supplying all audio equipment. Any additional equipment must be coordinated and approved for use by the sound technicians.

  • Recruiting and encouraging participants of all ages in the music activities of the church.

  • Arranging for special music during the traditional summer (June through August) services.

  • Arranging for piano maintenance/tuning with a qualified piano repair person as needed.

  • Adhering to applicable copyright laws with regard to the use, duplication, distribution, and broadcast of music and/or lyrics.

  • Providing music for weddings and funerals is not included in the Music Director’s responsibilities but may be provided upon request.


Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

  • Be able to display a professional level of musical talent from training and experience.

  • Have a thorough working knowledge of the congregation’s worship services and a theological understanding of church music.

  • Present oneself and represent the church in a professional and friendly manner at all times. This includes interaction with all levels of church and school personnel, as well as meeting and maintaining proper hygiene and attire.

  • Meet confidentiality requirements and not discuss and/or engage in any activity that would be in violation of prudent conduct regarding information and/or discussions of a confidential nature.

  • Meet and maintain a background check that does not conflict with performing this role, which includes working around youth and having access to confidential areas, records, church assets and keys to our facility and office areas.

  • Comply with all church policies and procedures.


Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to safely and successfully perform the essential job functions.

  • Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance.

  • Ability to communicate clearly.

Interested Candidates can inquire by calling the Church Office
at (920) 648-2614 or emailing

Nurery Coordinator

Provide a Safe, caring environment for infants and small children up to fours years of age during Sunday Worship Service at the Lake Mills United Methodist Church. This is a paid position with roughly 2 hours per week on Sundays. Special Services and events including holidays may be required.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Recruit, train and lead a team of qualified volunteers to help provide nursery support for children ages 0-4 years.

  • Ensure the Nursery is a secure, nurturing environment where each child will feel safe and parents can feel confident their child will receive the highest quality of care. 

  • Coordinator will be responsible for personally staffing the service on Sundays.

  • Volunteer screening, scheduling and other coordination may be required during the week as needed.

  • Coordinator is expected to take ownership in the nursery of the Church, making sure it is kept clean, neat and conducive to safe child care.

Education and Background:
High School Diploma, desire and giftedness to work with young children and parents. Ability to coordinate with a team of volunteers. Someone who is dependable, organized, friendly with possible CPR training is qualified as a good candidate.

Interested Candidates can inquire by calling the Church Office
at (920) 648-2614 or emailing

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